Texture UV Mapping not working (at least for me..)


I’m trying to apply a texture on a box, and have it repeated on the surface , like a parquet floor. I’ve tried to modify the UV mapping parameters by changing tiling to 5 , 10, 50 etc… but nothing works. When i change the parameters, i can see the sphere representation of the texture changing, but whatever i do, it doesn’t change the rendering of my object. Every time i save the change to the texture, reapply it to my box, even save the model, close and re open rhino, nothing works : my texture is never repeated.
Is it me who don’t know what i’m doing, is it a bug ? a bit of both ?
Thanks in advance for any help …


Hi Rob - can you post your model with the material/texture included? (There is a check box for this in the Save/SaveAs dialog)



Hi PAscal,
it seems that mac Rhino don’t want to export to rhino 5 format with “save textures” checked. No file is created when i try this. You’ll find attached the simple 3dm file with a box, and the texture i’m trying to apply (i’ve converted it to png to upload it).

Thanks for your help.

test.3dm (44.0 KB)

Ah, sorry, Rhino for Mac. Bouncing between the forums, got my versions crossed. I’ll test some more…

This works here- boosting the tiling shows the texture repeating…

It does not look like a parquet floor though you might need to make a version that has four tiles with diagonal pairs rotated 90 degrees.


Thanks again. I don’t have the same texture window as you. Is it rhino for mac ? In my version, i don’t have a “texture” section in the window. it’s in “Diffuse color” section, i have to click advanced then " add a bitmap texture"

Hi Rob - Yeah, that is the Toucan renderer - but that works about the same though. I am not sure what to suggest - once you make the change in tiling, you close that dialog and you are prompted to save the changes - do you see that? Is the material you are editing in the model materials or in one of the other libraries? You may need to drag the material from one of the libraries into the model and then drag it onto your object again? I see that if I drag a material from ‘Personal library’ into the model and it replaces a material of the same name, the settings do not necessarily replace the old ones…


Yes i can see that. What you describe is a part of the problem : if two textures have a same name in the library, saved modifications in the toucan window doesn’t affect the object. Another strange behavior : modifications sometimes apply only if i modify the texture using the object properties panel in the right panel of the Rhino window, instead of the Render / Material menu item.
now i can change the u/v settings.
Many thanks for your help.