Texture Orientation control on rotated copies and block instances

I’d like to make sure I understand how texture mapping works:

  1. If I set up a texture on a mapping channel for an object (as opposed to wcs or wcsBox) the texture’s orientation is locked to the uv orientation of the object, so when I rotate the object or a copy of the object the texture’s orientation should change wrt the wcs and remain the same with respect to the object’s uv coordinates, yes?

  2. And it’s the same if an object’s texture mapping is controlled by the uv editor?

  3. If this object is in a block, the texture of the object should maintain the same orientation to the object in all instances of the block, right?

  4. In all cases above, an object w texture mapping set to wcs or wcs box should maintain the same absolute orientation to the wcs, regardless of the orientation of the object. So instances and copies of the object will have textures which dont respond to changes in orientation of an object, so texture orientation will always align with every other instance of the object’s texture, but won’t have a consistent relationship to the object’s orientation.

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Hello -

Yes, but apart from UV(default, texture is mapped per face in a polysurface) you can apply Box, Cylindrical, Planar, Spherical and custom object mapping to the object as whole.

Block instances will take the wcs mapping of the definition object ant transform that to the instances so the result is that instances textures do not necessarily align to the wcs. I don’t say that is hyow it ought to be but that is how it works now.


Ok. Thanks. If I am understanding correctly: If one wants the wood grain to always be going down handles however the handles are placed, one makes a block of the handle and reorienting instances of the block. Merely copying the handle without making it a block will result in the texture map maintaining the WCS coordinates and sliding around on the handle with each differently oriented iteration.

Hello - that is true for textures that are WCS.


Got it, thanks. It’s working as I need.