Material and Texture Mapping

I’ve been applying a standard textile material which has been working pretty well for my current purposes. I’ve just discovered that when I rotate the object to which it is applied, the map does not rotate with it, and now the pinstripes I’ve been using are all mapping in the wrong direction. Is there a box I’m supposed to be checking to ensure the material and its direction are tied to the orientation of the object?

Thanks for the help,

Michael D

Hi Michael - the texture is no doubt set to use ‘WCS/OCS’

  • in that case, before rotating the object, use ApplyOCSMapping (= ObjectCoordinateSystem) and set the desired direction by three points (sets a plane) This will then travel with the object.


Thanks Pascal.


Rhino documentation does not mention ApplyOCSMapping.

The “WCS/OCS” and " WCS/OCS (box style)" labels are confusing. I would prefer “World Coordinate System” and “Object Coordinate System.”

Rhino documentation is also confusing. It is posted here: Textures | Rhino 3-D modeling