Using Texture box mapping

I have a rhino material with a texture that have a WCS(box style) mapping in the material properties. When applying a custom mapping per object (using object properties) I cannot change the texture rotation neither using XYZ, nor UVW? I can change the angle, but the texture doesn’t rotate?

use the mapping widget to transform, rotate, or move you texture-

Did You try this? It isn’t working either.

This is working as designed. When a texture is mapped to the WCS coordinate system instead of the object’s UVW space, it ignores whatever the object supplies.

If you want to rotate a WCS texture, you will need to change the rotation value in the texture settings.

Unfortunately, since Rhino does not have an object space frame for objects, it is not possible to implement OCS (object coordinate system) mapping at the moment in Rhino. This is a well known wish though, and we are making progress towards that.

I see. Thanks Andy for clarifying this.