Texture mapping slow


(jahn) #1

Hey Brazil
For some reason in large files when I want to update texture maps in the rendered mode it is super slow to update- I am having to import to a seperate file update then reimport.
Cheers J

(jahn) #2

Adding to this the material properties do not like to be changed in the render mode.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #3

Just to double-check: you mean Rendered mode, not Raytraced, right?

(jahn) #4

Yeah just using brazil and rendered mode as work flow now.
Also crashes in render mode when you try to turn on a large number of layers.


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #5

Can you share such a large file through www.rhino3d.com/upload ? If you paste a link to this discourse topic in the comments I’ll know. The uploader keeps your files confidential.

(jahn) #6

Where is it that I can save the file with all the materials attached?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #7

Use Save As menu and ensure you have the checkbox for saving textures checked. That will ensure all textures get saved in the 3dm

(jahn) #8

I’m sure you guys like to move these commands around just to keep us on our toes!- Uploaded file- please keep confidential as is current project
cheers jahn

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #9

Did you manage of this case? I see a crash report submitted by you 2 days ago, but I assume you had a crash today as well?

I do see the very slow response on material changes. It appears that Brazil is doing something with baking. I’ll log a bug for this. Actually, I don’t see the slow response on material change. That happens only in Raytraced mode, and that is due to baking of materials.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #10

@good4design on what versions of Rhino and Brazil are you at the moment? Just for the record… (_SystemInfo and BrazilAbout)

(jahn) #11

Rhino 6 SR2 2018-3-6 (Rhino 6, 6.2.18065.11031,

brazil 2.0 version commercial 6/2/18

(jahn) #12

I also would like to add that when in the brazil material panel when you push the + button to make a new material the rhino render options for Gem Glass Paint etc appear if you use any of these it drastically slows the render -10fold

(Info) #13

J’ai le même problème que Jahn ! en mode rendu
-Travail des textures brazil très lent
-Mise en place des placages de texture une vraie galère temps d’attente très grand, limite plantage de Rhino.
Sa donne l’impression qu’a chaque modification d’un placage, d’une texture il remet à jour la totalité du projet.
je suis sur Rhino 6 et brazil for R6
Via Rhino 5 et brazil aucun problème même sur des fichier qui dépasse le (GB)

Très difficile pour des mandats professionnel.
Y a t’il des solutions pour corriger ce problème ?
Ou un nouvel update pour brazil for Rhino en cours ?
merci d’avance pour tout renseignemet