Texture mapping help: how to arc a texture on a radius?

I need some (a lot?) of help. I’m working in Rhino7 with Enscape as my render engine. I’m trying to lay out an athletic plaza jointing pattern and need to take the grid jointing texture I have and arc it around the north end of the stadium track/field so the concrete joints radiate out and remain parallel. My texture mapping experience starts and stops at editing the textures in photoshop and/or hitting box map 99% of the time. I’ve spent about 16 hours on this and haven’t made any progress. Can anyone help me with a chain of commands or a video I can follow to figure this out? Thanks in advance!

Hello - if I understand what you are after, which I may not… if you loft the inner and outer red curves and assign your rectangular texture to a material on that, to mapping channel 1 (not WCS) you’ll see that it will radiate - you will need to play with the U and V repeats to get the right numbers - the bad news is that the ‘joint’ lines will also radiate, so to speak - get wider at the outside.

Feel free to post a file with the target surface and the texture (not the whole project…)