Texture limit

Hi all,

Wondering how you add additional flowers leaves etc. It seems like all leaves share the same texture, so If I change the texture on one leave it changes on all.

Also wondering how I add a flower. I cant see a button, the only way I seem to be able to do it is by using a template that already has one in the plant build. Is there a way to add additional flowers with different textures?

Hi Garth,
Have you installed the plant editor? There, you will see that there are several leave and flower options, when you are editing or creating a plant. Then, you can add your own leave and flower, if you have your own textures. In this way you expand the options.
Does it work?

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Hi Elham,

Thanks for your message.

Yes, I’m using the Accu Render Plant Editor.

For some context I am an experienced 3D and Graphic designer.

Please excuse me I must be having trouble explaining my question.

So say I want to have some white flowers, but I also want to have some Flower buds, you know for like the season before they flower. I might even want a 3rd type, say like dead flower heads for the season after the flowers have died. Then I want a green leaf, a Yellow Leaf and a Red leaf. SO thats like 6 texture images I need to assign to the different seasons right?

I can see there are lots of plants in the database that are using more than 3 textures for the entire plant… Thats what Im wanting to do.

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Hi @garth2,
Yes, you will need to save each definition of the plant with the different leaf textures to different seasons, in the plant editor.

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Heya @fsalla
So I need to actually save completely different versions of the same plant?
Then how do you ‘load’ these in as variations for the seasons?

No. At the moment of creating or modifying a plant with plant editor, you need just to add new definition, in its corresponding tab. (on top right menu of plant editor).
See this tutorial for the new plant editor we have added recently: How to edit and create plant models in Lands Design (Tutorial of Accurender Plant Editor) - YouTube
Hope it helps.

That’s how the old editor worked to add seasonality to .ArPlantX files. The new editor, for .ArTree files manage seasonality as a probability of appearence on each node: