Plants do not appear as they should

I try to work in Lands design-beta. I do not know, where is the problem, but the plants do not appear in their real form. Trees have different types of leaves, another bark, shrubs have a trunk and not flowers, not even when I set the tab “render” on the proper seasons. Plants, either select any kind, always displayed the same model, as a low clump of leaves. Could anyone advise me what is the problem? I use the 64-bit version. Thank´s in advance, Monika

Hi Monika,
Some plant species in the Lands plant database don’t have an specific realistic 3D representation assigned (“Plant nxt file”) and they take a default 3D plant representation that might differ from the real plant appearance. (These species are those that show the 3D representation in grayed color, in the plant database). You can create a new Plant nxt file using the Lands Plant Editor, (either from one of the plant templates or from an existing Plant nxt file), and assign it to that plant species.
Take a look at this post to get more details about how to create new plant species or modify existing ones:

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