Texture Cache

Hi all,

just wanted to adress this issue. While i’ve been trying out cycles render engine during the past days i’ve found there are many files created, either for previews or just final images when rendered to the render window. The files are located here:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\McNeel\RDK\Texture Cache

overall i’ve today cleared these folders, there have been over 12000 files, most of them are small previews, but some where pretty large image files without compression eg. screen size renders of 800x600px where 78mb large. I had over 1GB just of them. Especially when procedural materials are used within the custom material, things like gradients and such, a new preview file seems to be created and the old ones just remain. How many files do you find in above folders ?

It would be good if we can get more control over the preview file creation, caching and clearing of these folders.



I clean this temp folder from time to time. just did it a few days ago and was quite surprised to see it was around 4GB. now i know why, thanks.

btw, rhino is writing so much data to the drive, even with my SATA-SSD (no more HDD in the system) it feels laggy sometimes. waiting a short time for autosave etc.
i do like, that rhino is so demanding. time to think about a NVMe-SSD. sadly NAND prices are quite high at the moment.