Texture and texture transformation for Display External Geometry

I am trying to use Display External Geometry component but am unable to succeed in putting a texture on the geometry.
Please find below a snapshot of the script.

Also, I would like to know how can I control the transformation of the texture on the geometry.

I have even tried exporting the geometry (glTF format) with texture/ material on but am unable to visualize the texture on the geometry.
Thank you in advance!!!

It might be that the textures are too large.

You also don’t use any texture mapping so the result might be unpredictable. I recommend Human’s texture mapping components for better control.

Learn more about the best practices for texturing below:

Hello Pavlo,
Thank you for your response. I believe you haven’t understood my question properly. I am here talking about the use of an external geometry stored in gITF format on amazon server. Also, I have earlier used the texture with display geometry and its working properly. The texture image size is 11.5 kb. With display geometry component I did’nt have any problem.
Thank you

I just tested external geometry stored on S3 with a texture from Dropbox and it worked OK.

I wonder if the mesh is UV mapped properly. Does the texture appear OK in Rhino? If so, export the glTF with texture coordinates. Also, double-check the texture sharing options on Dropbox and make sure the Amazon CORS configuration is correct, see more details below.


I am also trying to use the Display External Geometry Component. My problem is that i want to import multiple files at once and perform different transformations on different objects.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is. Simply add one DisplayExternalGeometry component for each file and apply corresponding transformation.