ShapeDiver external geometry

(DDC) #1

I have found your tutorial regarding the displaying external geometry. I try to do it, but without success.
I am not developer, so I didn’t catch some points.
How to add correct metadata to my URL? (point 2)
Do I have to use amazon server? Currently I use cpanel and wordpress.
I also didn’t understand point 4 (CORS configuration). Where I can find it to check it?
At the end, I tried your definition with replaced URL for model and texture and get messages:
Texture image download failed>SecureChannelFailure
Color texture download failed
Color texture saving failed

(Mathieu Huard) #2

About the metadata and CORS configuration, you should definitely be able to do that using cPanel or directly by editing configuration files with an FTP client. I am not directly familiar with your setup, but here are a couple of links that should help:
How to enable CORS? (you should be able to add/modify your .htaccess file using the cPanel File Manager)
How to configure custom MIME types in cPanel?

About the texture image, it looks like a problem on your server, maybe it is not https-ready. Try to replace https with http in the url and see if it works. Alternatively, you should be able to configure your server for https.