TextBox focus


I’m preparing an interface that will be used with a touchscreen and I was wondering if there is a way to detect if a textbox is currently active to use it’s state to launch an on-screen keyboard.


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This is not currently possible in Human UI, but it at least seems possible to implement: (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19085931/how-to-make-wpf-input-control-show-virtual-keyboard-when-it-got-focus-in-touch-s). If you or anyone wants to take a stab at implementing this [in the code] for the TextBox component (https://bitbucket.org/andheum/humanui/src/master/) I’d be happy to include it - I’m afraid I don’t have much free time right now to add any new features in human UI myself.

Thanks Andrew,

I think that for now my solution would be adding a button that executes osk.exe,
but I’ll make a try at adding such indicator to the TextBox.

Hi Michael – check out this twitter thread:

These are not official features yet, they are under review and no guarantee on timetable – if you are savvy with Git and Visual Studio, you can pull the branch and build from source.


Hi Marc,

Looks very interesting, thank you! I’ll be glad to try it if you don’t mind sharing the link.

Followed you on twtter anyway :wink:


Thanks a lot Marc! The “Focus listener” definitely provides a solution to the problem.

Also, the “Mouseover Listener” might help me with another issue that I had recently =)

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Glad to hear it! If you can share a short video of the UI in action, I would love to see it – I love this use case, didn’t even think about it!