Grab (Kangaroo2) in HUMAN UI?

Hi @andheum

I’m trying to move some objects using the component Grab. It works corectly in the viewport and HumanUI updates corectly the modified shapes, but it doesn’t work when I try to use Alt + LMB from the HumanUI window.

How can be made the conneection between Grab and HumanUI ?

After many attempts I guess the best approach may be a XAML component and a C#, but I’m not sure if it’s overkill or what I’m missing.

Hi Alex,
The grab tool works by getting the cursor position in the rhino viewport. It might be possible to make a new component that gets it from a Human UI window instead. I’m not familiar with how Andrew has it set up, but we’ll see.
Also - if you’re using Rhino 6, you no longer need the Alt key for Kangaroo grabbing in Rhino - simply click and drag.

Hi Daniel,

So, it should be a component that registers the click and OnHold, makes vectors and sets the strength to a force to apply in the viewport.

An alternative may be a component which simulates or “translates” only the clicks from the window to the viewport ?

This can’t be done currently, it would likely require changes to the 2d drawing components in Human UI - changes I’m unlikely to make. If someone wants to try it themselves and make a pull request I’m open to adding it.