Text to Mesh or Outline Curves?

I am trying to export my text tags to another 3d software so that i can properly set up my scene. Cinema 4d does not identify text objects so i’m thinking maybe there is a way to convert text to mesh or extract the outlines of the characters.


The simplest approach might be to bake a Text Tag 3D and then running Explode on that in Rhino:

Though there are other (better, depending on your requirements) options through scripting (probably some plugins available as well).

that could work but then every letter is separated as an individual element, you would have to regroup them somehow.

i’ll give it a try, thanks!

Wombat has a nice text outlines component. Then it will output each words outline as a branch, then you can group the word.

oh nice, i didnt know about this one, i’ll be sure to give it a try!