Converting strings to text meshes, ideally being able to choose the font

hi there, is there a way to write text as mesh objects, ideally being able to choose fonts? I know how to display text but I want the user to be able to bake it specifically as mesh geometry. Is this the way to go or is there a more direct way?

I would appreciate any hint in C#, Python or VB

This discussion might contain some useful bits.

At some point I wrote a C# script that used GDI+ graphics methods to convert text+font into polyline output. It didn’t retain the font bezier curves though, everything became polylines.

Thanks David, I see… so you mean Fonts are based on Bezier curves. I guess poly-lines would be fine as well; but isn’t there any method in Rhinocommon to convert text to meshes? I suppose there must be one such method so that the text can be rendered/rasterized on the screen. Right?