Text Tag or Text Tag 3D output?


I am creating some text in Grasshopper and baking it into Rhino. I realized the justification options of Text Tag 3D does not take into account the actual bounding box of the text…

I baked this from GH with justification “bottom left”. The point used is the lower left vertex of the red rectangle. In black the actual bounding box of my text.

Why don’t these two components have an output to further manipulate the text? It would come in handy to be able to create a bounding box of this text to solve this… It feels strange to me.

For now I think I can move my text up the remaining distance, but I am not sure it will always stay the same, with different characters, different font, and sizes…

Any workaround much appreciated,

Edit: I just realized I can’t specify a layer to bake the text to because it has not output. (unless manually creating the layer and selecting it when baking)

Main reason there’s no output is because I never added 2d and 3d text as a data type.

Wombat has a nice bake-able text component you can give a try. It makes text output as curves.

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Thanks Micheal, will check this out.

That’s a shame :sob::sob: