Text tag rhino wip - how can i add an output to text tag component?



I have been working for a while in Rhino wip/GH1 , I am driven by need to generate text tags and to use the text as an output and transform it ( moving , scaling , rotating it and so on )

is there a component that generate a text in the output ? the text tag and text tag 3D component do not have an output.

many thanks in advance


(Giulio Piacentino) #2

Hi @filippo_rossi

no, but these objects can be baked. The trick is to generate them exactly in the right location and orientation, and then bake them when you need them.

Does it help?


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


HI Giulio and thanks for your suggestion

I will give it a try… it would be way easier for me to process the text as done with other entities such as points , curves and so on.

let me explain , in my case the text are used as references for fabrication i.e. they lay beside geometry and they are placed where necessary ( the model is a scale 100% model ) …all of the geometry is then scaled according user needed factor scale …this means that also the references should go trought the same trasformation .

The way I have used so far is to group all fabrication datas ( dots , curves , text ) in a unique group and then transform them ( scaling , rotating , moving and so on ) in order to prepare them for cnc…correct me if i am wrong but i think that
to generate the text tag at the final position in my case do required a totally different approach from those used so far i.e. the i will need a dedicated part of the script at the end in order to generate the text.

question : isn’t there any chance to see the text tag component with an additional output in the close future…i think this would make text usage way easier



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Hi @filippo_rossi

I think it might happen in the future, it’s not available in Rhino 5 right now. @DavidRutten could add here a few Grasshopper 2.0 plans.

However, what you are asking should not be that complicated. You could create a Plane (or a Point if 2D is enough) and scale it and transform it with the same transformations that you use for the geometry. Then, apply the text at the end.

Does it help?


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

(David Rutten) #6

The plan is already to add 3D Text objects as genuine data in Grasshopper 2.0
There are some geometric operations that cannot be performed on text (for example closest point search, area measurements, non-Euclidean transformations, non-linear deformations) but it will be useful even without those.


many thanks for your quick replies and efforts David and Giulio

thanks for you suggestion Giulio , yes as a temporary solution this helps

David , I agree that even with limited number of possible operations ( moving , rotating , scaling ) it would be very useful to have a "bakeable " output on text 3D component…i wonder if flow could also be possible…maybe after deconstructing the text ? …this would also be useful

I am looking forward to this improvement

many thanks , kindest regards



Have you had a look at the Fabtools plugin? It has an engrave text component which outputs curves. Though I think in GH1 there’s some issues with it, last time I checked.


HI Siemen

Yes i did use it but as you report after switching to RH wip / GH1 3D text fabtools components is not longer working




Can’t you currently keep working with Rhino 5 then?


RH WIP do have new components that i need ( 4 example “flow” ) which RH5 GH 90076 does not have





Hi Filippo,
attached is a quick fix of the 3D Text Component (FabTools) for Grasshopper 1.0 in RhinoWIP. Thanks siemen for your email :wink:
As siemen mentioned you can use the engrave to convert to curves and then use the flow component:

Hope this helps,
Florian Frank

TextEntityFix_R6.gh (113.1 KB)