Rhino 6.9 Breaks Human's JustifiedText3D Scaling?

Encountering an issue with the latest service release (6.9). GH file below for reference.

When I use the Human JustifiedText3D component’s default text scale of 0.25, the component computes in 0.1s or so. However, when I reduce the scale to very low values - .01 or less - the calculation time shoots up to 8.0s. The time to calculate doesn’t appear to behave linearly, either, with a large spike in calculation time around .0135. I also notice command-line activity with long calculation times with the readout:

Resolving curve endpoints… Press Esc to cancel
Creating graph… Press Esc to cancel

repeating until the definition runs to completion.

Did the 6.9 update alter the way that text scales or how Human might interact with text objects? I’ve rolled back my Rhino version to 6.8 and run the same file without issue.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

TextScaling_ErrorTest.gh (26.6 KB)

this doesn’t surprise me… the latest updates to rhino 6 have involved a lot of changes to text entities that I haven’t accounted for in Human

so this looks to be due to a pretty nasty hack I use to “justify” text… essentially at the time I wrote the component there was no way to get a reliable bounding box of text without exploding the text into boundary curves and taking the bounding box of those. I think I can fix this by scaling after the fact. (or maybe abandoning this approach altogether.) I’ll take a look…

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so I did a quick 'n dirty fix… this whole component needs an overhaul but at least it should fix the issue you’re seeing @pdelorey
Human.gha (416 KB)

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Hey there, big fan, as always! I’ve been trying to use Rhino6, but I gotta say, the problems that it causes with your JustifiedText component frustrate me beyond belief, it being a nigh-on essential component in many of my projects.

Originally, I was just having the problem of the Vertical Alignment appearing inconsistent: any text with a descender would be aligned differently than text without, as you can see with the words “Length” and “Opening” in the left of this picture. Upon baking, this problem would disappear; the baked text on the right behaves as it should.

Looking for a solution to this problem, I found this thread, and tried out the new human.gha file you’d attached above, hoping that it would fix the alignment issue. As you can see in this image, it did nothing to fix the mismatched Vertical Alignment in the preview (left), and while the VA upon baking is still fine (right), it makes the text 1mm no matter the input size.

Is there something else I should check to avoid this issue? I’ve attached my .gh below, for whatever that’s worth. Is this just another text object frustration to add to your list? Any hope of a fix coming out in a new update? Your efforts in this plugin are extremely appreciated; I wish for McNeel to throw a bucket of money your way.
JustifiedTextError.gh (19.5 KB)

All the texts baked with JustifiedText3D are still 1mm high :frowning:

Text 3D Height ignored.gh (5.8 KB)


I have the same issue

Hi -
FWIW, that seems to work here on Rhino 7.


This component is super old – was written even before the native grasshopper 3d text tag supported justification. I need to rewrite the whole thing from scratch but I don’t really have time right now.



Are there any updates regarding the text component?
I noticed this component takes 0,6sec in my script, which is very long to only display some text…

Thanks :slight_smile: