Text on curve

Is it possible to create text on a curved path in Rhino 5?

As shown in the video, I need the text to be editable so that revisions can be made if necessary.


Hi Steve.

First way that I can think of is to create a flat text then draw a straight line at the bottom of the text and use the flow command to align the text to the new curve you want the text to follow.

Thank you for your response, rramot. Much appreciated.

Just to add… this works with history enabled as well which is great for tweaking the result. Adjustment of the base and target curves as well as the texts location when flat will have an effect. To do this, click ‘record history’ before or during the Flow command.

Thank you, Brian. That’s a very good point that you make. Activating the HISTORY option (right from the start) is what will make this whole process flexible / easily editable.