Text in rhino

Hi everyone

i am working most of the time with text in rhino.
i’m looking for tutorials in the web for working with text in rhino.
i do not fined something that can explain in the best way how to work wite text in rhino on complex objects.
every time when i’m working with text it is taking a lot off time.
finely i succeeds.
but it is taking a lot of time.
i’m working with “flow along surface” flow along curve" “cage” all of the deformers, and “scale” too. and “boolean” and most importent, i’m useing “Rercord History”.

i am looking for a way to work faster.
any help on this subject will be welcome.

thank’s of the help :wink:

Hi Al - I guess you mean you’re working with objects made using the textObject command, is that correct? One thing to be aware of is that text curves are not always very good curves from the point of view of 3d surface modeling - tangencies are approximate at best, and there may be self-intersections - these do not matter for text but for modeling you’ll want to verify that the curves are clean and simple and have good continuity with no self=intersections. In other words you may have to spend some time with the curves before creating models.
CurvatureGraph, set to an appropriate scale, on curves from TextObject is a good tool for locating problem areas.