How can annotation text be placed around a planar curve?


I have simple annotation text created using text block. I need it to follow a planar curve and sit one side of that curve, the inner side (side towards curve centre point).

I see a post on the internet. Draw a straight line beneath the text. Select the text, then select TRANSFORM__FLOW ALONG CURVE. You will then be prompted to select the backbone curve (the straight line), followed by the target curve (this is the curve you want the letters to wrap around).
There are options in the dialog (stretch, rigid, etc) that you will have to experiment with to get your desired effect.

This doesnt work as one cannot select the text !

In Freehand this would have been draw curve, select text and select attach to path, then pulling on path ‘handles’ would see text take up whatever curve was created, one could also drive the text along the curve, great for street names etc.push it around the bend. Alter its baseline to sit it above on or below path etc. Text was editable in situ.


Annotation text can not be transformed.
TextObject (Curves, surfaces, or polysurfaces), can be.

You can’t select annotation text with the Flow command because it’s transformation is not supported by the command.

Hi John,
Blast and other words !
Guess Rhino is not a graphics prog as such.
When getting content out as 2D artwork and placing instructions to client on it, such things as flowing text along curves, typing text into a bounding box, etc, is very tricky. I have to keep adjusting text in property window to get it to fit.
I dont have a decent graphics prog now and its better to do everything in one prog (Rhino) so if items get moved the text moves with them.
I would have to use the text object command and make solids of my text then in top view they would look ok, though shadows might not !
I guess its going to be create each word separately then revolve it for best fit to the curve but it will be ugly.


Is this helpful?

You can also make curves and/or surfaces with the TextObject command, not just solids. --Mitch