Rotate text

Text from the dimensions tab. I am wanting to use it for some presentation work. I need to rotate it 180 so it reads upside down to the view. I can rotate it 90degrees only and then it returns parallel to the view. Any way to change this?

Hello - check in the annotations styles - (DocumentProperties > Annotation Styles > Style > Text.


“For pascal file”- this is a 2d layout of a simple package and I need to make some of the text upside down so that the package folds correctly.
I have tried to make it using dimension text but the text wont rotate 180degrees. It would be easier if I could use the dimensions text or do I have to use text object?

for pascal.3dm (3.61 MB)

Hi Woodee - I got it, I’m taking a look - but just fyi, this forum is public, I’m not sure you want this out in the world…?

And, it does not look to me, so far, like you can override this self-righting behavior. A wprkaround would be to use TextObject, get curves and then Hatch the result with a solid hatch (and Group)

for pascal_Hatches.3dm (102.7 KB)


Thanks Pascal,
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for pascal.3dm (3.6 MB)

Thanks Pascal. Pity you cant edit text object but have to replace whole text.

Yes, this really needs to be fixed. One should be able to rotate text to any angle and have it stay. The “automatic” behavior may work for some, but for others it will always get it wrong, so all things like this should have an “off” switch IMO.



Thanks Mitch,
Rotating text is probably only needed when doing 2d work but I use Rhino for 2d and 3d work. I am familiar with Rhino and it means I am able to do most of my work in one graphics program. The dimension text is convenient to use and can be easily edited but it seems that I have found a limitation as to were it can be positioned.

Does anyone know if something has changed according to this theme?
Maybe in WIP?


One strategy can be exploding the dimension and manipulate the text separatley but then, the arrows turn into curves and you will need to apply hatch to them. also is a bit tricky to make this for each one.

You can uncheck “Orient text toward reader…” on the style


in the end the answer was simple. Just needed to know were to look.

Thank you for taking the time to figure it out. Mystery solved!

If I rotate text 180 degrees the text flips. The style setting has no affect. Rhino 7.