Text is bigger when printed

I have a problem in printing or I just don’t know how to set it. When I create a text in rhino and set its size up to making a layout, the font size doesn’t change but when I go and print my file the size go bigger and longer and overlaps other text and lines. I hope to resolve this. Thank you in advance for the advice. Please see the attached file for the problem.

NOTE: For now my solution for this is changing the font style but is there another way that you don’t need to change the font style?


font problem.pdf (90.9 KB)

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Hi Jay - could you please post a 3dm file that shows this behavior?

HI Wim,

Thank you for the reply. Please see the attached file. I also attach a pdf file. I think the correct word for my problem is the text stretches sideways. And in Rhino 4 i don’t have this kind of problem. Only in Rhino 6.

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template 1.3dm (430.8 KB) template 1.pdf (270.4 KB)

Hi Jayson - thank you for those files. We have this issue logged as RH-54669. I have updated the report with information about the font that you use.

For the time being, the workaround is to either use a different font (e.g. Arial) or print to raster instead of vector.

Hi Wim,

Thank you for your time and advice. I will wait for the update.


Note that you can follow activity on that issue report by marking it “watched”.
As of now, this is on the 7.x list.

Hi @wim,

Any update on this issue? I did some testing and the issue might be more extreme with Monospaced fonts.

Raster Vector Print.3dm (43.2 KB)
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Hi - thanks for testing - I’ve added your comment to the bug item.
As you can see from that report, it is still open and on the 7.x list.