Text mask in R6

Is creating a text object with a mask in R6 only possible with the use of annotation style? Obviously without manually editing the mask in every time.

In R5 you could do it with -Text command.

Hello - I see that is not available in V6… I have no idea why, I’ll check it.

thanks for the report.



Also, masking is fighting with text for draw order in model space.

I suspect that may not be draw order.
It may be because the file covers a large coordinate range.
See if you can clean it up using TestZBiasFactor.

Any luck?

I have it at 1. What does it need to be at?

You’ll have to fiddle with it.
Less or More and see if it cleans up.

.001, .01, .1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000 (everything goes haywire here)

no luck.

Also it mirrors text improperly.

Different question I think. Let’s sort one at a time.

Does your file cover a large coordinate range?
If you export that piece of Masked text to it’s own file, does it have the same problem there?

What Service Release of V6 are you running?
I recall this problem being fixed not too long ago…

This is literally the only things I have in this file. Dims are in inches.


Hello - Is there a ground plane enabled in the current display?

@Asterisk Panels menu> Ground Plane


Is it this guy?

Changing any of those doesn’t affect the text orientation or “dither”. Selecting the text fixes “dither”/“draw order”.


But… turn the ground-plane off or set it’s elevation explicitly to be different than the plane of the text… I do not see a test with it off. My surmise was that the GP is what is fighting with the text mask. Anyway, I can test.


Ground Plane on or off - doesn’t matter. Same dither when not looking straight down at the masked text.

Welll. I have to look very hard, and only in some files, but I can see it here under the right conditions. No ground plane needed.




Any luck with this?

-Text still has no Masking option
Masking still fights with text for draw order
Python still doesn’t have any form of accessing it.
Creating anno styles for every scale, 'cause masking margin needs to be scaled properly is off the table for us. We’re gonna have to find another way to replace masked text workflow.



RH-52175 was fixed and tested in Rhino 7 WIP.

RH-52260 is on @stevebaer’s Future list.

What does the “it” here refer to?

I think he means there’s no method of applying a text mask to a text via rhinoscriptsyntax. It does appear to be possible via RhinoCommon (haven’t tried it yet myself)

Sure, except we’re not on R7 WIP. We “just” bought 26 seats of R6 for its faster display performance and find out as we migrate all our R5 scripts and templates that bunch of other relevant to us stuffs is “broken” to the point where we have to figure out new workflows for it ATM.

I can’t make my drafters suffer through this bug until it gets fixed. From the looks of it (as no one reported it in the whole R6 lifespan) the fix prio on it is pretty low. I’d rather find another way and forget about using text masking altogether. Using inverted fonts for example.

Text Masking.

Yeah, construction industry doesn’t have time to learn new tips and tricks (I don’t really have time to devote to learning RhinoCommon). I’m still learning how not to capitalize “If” in python and rhinosciptsyntax for now as I go doing actual work.