Text is invisible after latest update 5.3WIP (5D177w)

Hey there,
after I updated my Rhino for Mac my 2d text seems to be somehow invisible. (new ones in a new file as well as text which used to be visible in old files before the update) When I select the Text it shows in Details all the stuff, like whats written etc. So there is the text, but just not visible. “zoomselected” “showselected” and different Displaymodes doesn’t help. Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot!!! All the best,

sounds strange… maybe the dimension has fallen out of space it can happen that it disappears, very small for example that happened to me when importing from another file once. why ever that would change in your case. maybe also try choosing another font in case its broken. i have this version and here its ok.

what happens when you explode the text and use zoom selected?

I had this happen, @Philipp_Bilke does it come back after a Rhino restart?

Hey rhinorudi,
Hey RichardZ,

thanks for your help. I reinstalled Rhino and it helped. (Rhino 5.2.4) Sometimes thats just the easiest way ,)

best, Phil