Text Field problem

I just started use “Text field” function few hours ago. Several things I would like to make sure (or might be bugs?)
I followed this instruction.

First, this line

The right bracket missing.

Second, while I try to use

%<Area("Object id")>%

I couldn’t success by copy paste the Object id (The top one)
The way I got the object id is by typing what command or checking the details from Object tab.

I paste the text here.


BUT, it didn’t make itself like the one below, which is the one succeed.

The one below, I followed the instruction from here


Does this mean that we have to start from clicking fx and select from the WPF to successfully use Text Field?

If you see the text in this box

// top one
// lower one

They are identical… but the top one failed.

Other question is, I tried just type


It works, so maybe that’s a bug?
Rhino_TextField_Report.3dm (33.2 KB)

Your ID font is Segoe UI.

After changing the ID font to Arial the Text Field works.

It seems as if the entire text needs to be the same font. So I wouldn’t say it’s a bug.

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Thanks, never thought about that. You are right!

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Thanks for discovering the problem. I wrote a bug report about this anyway.

RH-68724 Text font causes text filed fail to resolve


Fixed. Thanks.

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Thank you!