Linear Array text incrementing numbers

Hi this is my first post :smiley: I really enjoy Rhino and Grasshopper very much. This is the 1st time I need to reach out for help.

I am making steel tags to be cut on my plasma. These tags will have scribe part numbers. I did not have any issue using Grasshopper to create these except for the incremental part.

Here’s what I want…

Here’s what I have…

Eventually I’d like to put the text on “SCRIBE” layer and geometry on “CUT” layer. I would then like to export each one as dwg using the text as the file name.

Can anyone offer me any tips on how I can accomplish this?


I can only give you a small tip looking at the screenshot: (for future reference try to upload your file instead)

All your numbers are 2550 because you plugged in the panel ‘NUMBER’ instead of the output of the Series component (which has all the numbers).

To bake things to layers you will have to use a plug-in or a custom code. I recommend Elefront.

To automatically export to dwg, I am not sure. Maybe some else can help you with that.

What I used to do was to use another plug in called FabTools which has some components to automatically create layouts in Rhino specifying dimensions and scale.

Then with all Layouts generated for each drawing I would run Print command on Rhino and Print all layouts to a PDF.


You might also have some use for Open Nest


Thanks for the replies. (12.3 KB)

I have Fabtools installed so I’ll mess with that and see what I can do. I have the series plugged into number because I don’t want the decimal. Regardless if using number or not, it jams all the numbers together and I can’t figure out how to step through them.

The TT Toolbox plugin has dwg export but I feel that’s jumping too far ahead right now. I mention in my post to show “the big picture”

Format component work really well for these types of workflows

you can pad zeros and control decimals as well