Text block : max widths ? Seriously?

Why limit the allowable width of a text block ?
Did you run out of dotted bounding box material ?

In this particular case, it’s a bummer because I’d like the whole designation of my stuff to fit in one line :

Hello- if the text has hard returns, please remove those and see if that works better for what you need.


Pascal, yes, there was a hard return, and I didn’t notice because of this “auto-shrinking” policy.

I would like text blocks that I can stretch to whatever zone I want to reserve to text, and then go ahead and type without worrying about it sprawling over and having to resize it’s boundaries afterwards.

This is how Xara and Snagit work to name those where I do a lot of textin’ .
It is also the spirit of all text editors that I know.

I don’t mind if creating a text doesn’t require to create a box beforehand, but I think that , once created, the text boundary should be re-definable just how the user pleases.

Hi @pascal ,
I had that auto-wrapping problem with the _TextObject command and I think there is no way to control the width of the text. Or do I miss something?

I also still have the blank dialog boxes for texts, dots and user texts in V6.
I hope you guys fixed it for V7 because my hair is thinning from the pulling-out.
Each time this happens, the only solution is to exit Rhino and re-open everything.