Button for opening a text dialogue box?

Right now dor text, I use the Text Object method of entering text. What Im looking for is something like that that will allow multiline text. I would like to automate as much as possible. I have to make drawings up & every one has to have text in this format:

Customer Name - Part Number
Program Number - Change Level
Material Thickness - Material Type.

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Why not use just Text to create the multiline text, then use _Explode to vectorize it (if you really need it to be curves and not editable text, and if you are on Rhino for Windows…).


Rhino for Windows. The Text Object interface only lets me input a single line of text. I have to open it up again for each line & then position each line seperatly. I dont care if the text is curves. It will be ignored when I run thr drawing in my laser post software.

Then use Text, not TextObject… --Mitch

Im an idiot. Ive only been using this for 8 years…