TestSubD to Nurbs?

Hi All,

I just imported some low-poly cages from Modo in to the latest wip. I run the command TestSubD and they beautifully conver to smooth objects.

Can I convert those smooth results to numbs and open in V5? or no yet?

Thanks! (this is really exciting!!!


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Hi Gustavo- not yet, as far as I can see - you can ask for NURBS output in testSubD, but that makes a pretty dense set of surfaces, maybe not what you are after.


thanks Pascal, that will do for now. I just want to machine something. I’ll report back!


Is there a comment somewhere explaining what this command does?

I saved an object out of modo as an OBJ
Imported the object into Rhino
Ran the command and got a (very nice) smooth surface
But it is a mesh surface not a nurbs surface
So I ran MeshtoNurbs but that gives me a non smooth, faceted surface.
Is this what’s expected?

Whatever, I’m very excited about this.

hi Alex,

Just like Pascal said: look at the options in the command line when running the command. The default output=LimitSurface, you can change that to nurbsSurface

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