Testing V8: unselect & save selection not working & crash w/shrinkwrap

hi McNeel team,

I wanted to test a shelling workflow for CNC in V8, and it’s pretty cool what I will be able to do with it, but for now, things are very shaky.

Here I wanted to marquee-unselect pressing CTRL key to remove selections form a full loop and it’s not unselecting (you can see the marquee from my mouse on the screenshot)

You can also see above the Named Selections panel open. I was trying to save this edge selection there and Rhino is saying “no selection object found”, as you can see on the command line. Even though I have edges selected.

Then Shrinkwrap completely crashed rhino, not even a crash window, it just disappeared.

Looking forward to work with all these tools, when the stuff is not so fragile and broken.


hi @gustojunk I can repeat the window deselect feature, this seems broken in the current wip. Normal Cltr + Click still works here.

RH-74243 Ctrl Window-Deselect is broken for subobjects

As for the other issues, I could not repeat those.
Does named selection not work at all on any (sub)object?
Does Shrinkwrap crash on every object for you?

If it’s just failing on a specific object, then pls send the model in for inspection, thanks!

Hi Gijs,

I was trying to save that current edge selection you see on the screenshot and when clicking on the save icon (diskette) the name selection panel will not do anything.

Shrinkwrap failed a couple of times with different input, but all had a large outer polysurface in common. In all cases it happens during previewing the result and changing settings. More specifically while pressing tab to change input fields, or changing viewport to look at the preview from a different view.

Also, testing this I noticed how awkward and confusing is the new layers panel. I could not make sense of the nesting of layers. Renaming layers is also clunky. Am I the only one having trouble with something that was a non-issue in V7?


Does that happen on all objects? If it only happens with certain objects, please send an example file.

Best is to send in an example file that makes things crash. Given the issues you are describing that it crashes doing a preview or changing views, it could be system related. Can you send me your systeminfo? If you send a sample file, please also send a screenshot (of possible) of the settings you use in Shrinkwrap that make it crash.

I see only little differences (e.g. the arrow icons) but other than that, the behavior is pretty much identical here. What are you experiencing that makes it clunky?

Hi Gijs, I’ll try to send you the file today or tomorrow by IM. It could be a system problem since I was doing this at home, with a Precision 5540 (Precision version of the XPS-like laptop, with a crappy NVIDIA Quadro T2000 w/4GB ram. I’ll test some more on my desktop too and report back.

I’ll also try to better capture the layer panel appearance issues, but first I’ll wait to see if I become used to it. I’m ok with adapting to change so I don’t want to react too prematurely, that’s why I was asking if others had issues with it too.



RH-74243 is fixed in the latest WIP