Forgotten named selections


I noticed that sometimes named selections are missing after reopening the project. Is it known bug or they should be temporary?

Hello - selection sets should be saved in the file. If you have a repeatable way to make that fail, please shout.


I think I found the bug. I have 3 named selections under keyboard shortcuts.
I noticed that they do not activate named selections after opening the project. But when I click “named selection” tab they start to respond. But If I open the project, DO NOT click on “named selections” tab and save the project again, they are deleted permanently.

Hi -

I can reproduce this part and will write it up.
RH-63405: NamedSelection: Command-line version needs dialog activation

I’m not seeing this part. When I save the file and then reopen it, the named selections are still in the file. Which version of Rhino 7 are you running?


I saved the file without clicking on “named selections” before and selections were saved :).

But this situation happened few times so I am sure that there is some problem. I will post more if I find something that can be recreated.

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I have the same problem. Trying to track it and find a way to repeat it.

Looks like sometimes they are saved and sometimes not. I just opened the project and they are missing. :frowning:

Hi, is this matter resolved? I am also having named selections not saved.