Testing export to SCM Maestro3D for 5 axis CNC machining


Does anyone have any experience with export/import Rhino to Maestro3D???

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to test if another software can successfully import Rhino Models for CAM??

I ask this because I work for a bespoke furniture manufacturing business in Australia that designs and manufactures high end chairs, sofas, ottomans, banquettes, coffee/side/dining tables.

We are looking at purchasing SCM Morbidelli M100 5 axis Pod and Rail.

We plan on continuing to using Rhino (and grasshopper, tsplines, v-ray) for all the CAD work then export/import into SCM’s Maestro3D for the CAM.

I have sent the attached files to SCM which combines a collection of different curves and surfaces to test if Maestro can successfully import Rhino Files. I am guessing that if this collection of curves and surfaces imports successfully there should be no problem with Rhino/Maestro?? SCM have asked me to send the files to them in STL and IGES format.

Thanks for your help

I export closed polysurfaces from Rhino to the RhinoCAM plugin to generate the tool paths and speeds for CNC machining of parts. If SCM Maestro3D can work with closed polysurfaces like RhinoCAM, they you should have no problem developing your parts in Rhino. It may also be possible that RhinoCAM can generate the CNC control file for the SCM Morbidelli M100. Perhaps the cost of RhinoCAM is less than that of SCM Maestro3D. I am very happy with the tech support for RhinoCAM. Than being said, I do own a half-dozen SCM machines so I am not biased either way. Check all your options and then select what works best for you.


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Hi Terry,

Interesting you bought this up

You say you have half a dozen SCM machines. Are any of these CNC? Were you able to edit mecsofts post processor to suit a SCM CNC? If so what model of SCM CNC do you have and how did you manage to edit the post processor for it?

I have no SCM CNC just their nice woodworking tools: sliding table saw, 36" bandsaw, shaper, 36" belt sander, 24" planar, 18" joiner.

So I do not have first hand knowledge of the best choice in a CNC. I like the CNC’s made here in the US by newcnc.com. For my potential applications they offer a good machine at a fair price with excellent support. The head of this small company has many decades of experience with CNC’s and it shows in the design of their machines. But they are not trying to compete with SCM for high-volume manufacturing.


Hello Max, Quelly here from MecSoft Corporation. We would be happy to look at the sample g-codes. Feel free to send an email to sales@mecsoft.com or continue where you left off with our support team. Please contact me if we can assist you.

Hi Quelly,

If the post processor can’t be edited dose Mecsoft custom make posts?

Hello Max,
Yes we do. However, please provide us a sample output code and we can take a look to see if your machine can be supported in our software.