Hi all, I would like to ask for some help on a tessellation/logical/tiling problem. It’s an architectural issue. I would like to divide different surfaces with grids in order to get the surface tiled and separate the waste. that is so far resolved. I need grasshopper to check if the waste item is similar to any item I could use in surf 2, surf 3, and so on.

I realized that ‘surf a’ equals ‘surf b’ if the area and the boundary polyline length are the same ( we are talking about rectangles here only). I could create some boolean to check if it’s true or false. But how could I raise the number of surfaces to ‘n’? It must be some kind of script to let me introduce any given amount of curves and surfaces.

Fixed the typo in your title. It’s called Tesselation.


It’s actually “Tessellation”, Mr. Smartass. :slight_smile:


Thanks, fixed it :slight_smile: