Tessellation Grasshopper

Hi, I am trying to use the surface that I create in Rhino and put it on my tessellation, act as a connector. I tried to put a surface there but still do not really work. A1.02_Tessellation_For Posting.gh (27.8 KB)
Tesselation.3dm (312.6 KB)

A1.02_Tessellation_For Posting_LD.gh (29.6 KB)
here a beginning of solution. I didn’t do has you want. I offset the faces in roder to make some place for the connecting pieces. here I put a circle but I think you have every thing to put whaterver you want. You have 2 vectors perpandicular and a center point. So if you want to put a rectangle it is doable.
You will need Sandbox for topology of Brep

And with the connectors

A1.02_Tessellation_For Posting_LD2.gh (32.3 KB)

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Thank you for teaching me another way. It is a pretty cool definition!