Reveal Between Tessellated Surfaces

Hello Grasshopper forum,

I am trying to have spaces between my tessellated surfaces in grasshopper. Similar to what Brett Wolfe has done (I have messaged him and picture of example is attached). My tessellation file that is attached shares the same form as his so I have achieved that however, I’m having a hard time making the reveal. Along with the other 3dm file I tried to build this surface in one single piece then revolved it around a curve, but again it begins to overlap the pieces. I am hoping to get some help with the reveal/spacing similar to the example for my model.

Thanks, Nate!

Tessellated Attempt With Grasshopper (12.2 KB)
Tessellated Attempt With Grasshopper ONLY.3dm (133.6 KB)
Tessalation With (12.5 KB)
Tessalation With Revolve.3dm (216.9 KB)

Something like this?

Tessellated Attempt With Grasshopper (13.4 KB)


This is a very nice solution!


Thank you so much it took me a little longer to understand what you did here, but now I get it. The top on the example is closed and then gradually opens but yours is the closest I have seen anyone get. I am trying to apply tabs now. I will post an updated version with tabs once I figure it out I’m close.

Here is the scoop. Let me know if it needs to be any clearer. It’s so dang close!

"The shape exists in Grasshopper. I am trying to fabricate it. I have attempted to unroll and orient the pieces. After orientation, I have added tabs to put them together. Here is where the problem arose.

When Grasshopper laid out the strips, the computer flipped the direction in which it generated some of the strips. What I mean by this is that some of the tabs I added appear on the outside and others appear on the inside. The offset seems to be swapping directions based upon certain strips (I only have one offset command running from one input to one output). Is there a way to improve the orientation so all the strips are generated in the same way, so all the tabs offset to the outside of each strip? I am fairly new to Grasshopper as a student in Architecture so I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks, Nate

P.S. I can upload as Rhino 5 this version is on Rhino 6.
Tessellated Attempt With Tabs.3dm (26.6 KB)
Tessellated Attempt With (26.7 KB)

I don’t think so and If you are in doubt about the direction of the strips, try bake them and verify their directions yourself.
And check the attached…
In fact, you don’t need these tabs because there are gaps between the strips.
Is it just for the top part?

Tessellated Attempt With (22.2 KB)

Is there a way to inverse the number panel I circled in red? I tried to change the range of numbers but found a method to have only the top and bottom isolated. I would like to now inverse this so only the top and bottom have tabs.

Also is there a way to change the initial curves for this to be applied to any given shape? I noticed when I tried doing this myself it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.

Thanks, Nate

Tessellated Attempt With (26.7 KB)

Why don’t you use List Item then?

Tessellated Attempt With (23.1 KB)