Tesselated Pattern - Mapping Curves

Beautiful community of Rhino,

I have a question regarding mapping curves into a designated morphed outline. Kindly find the image that explains what I am trying to do.

I have tried using every possible command in Grasshopper without any luck including Morph, Bounding Box, Sporph, Box Morph, Map to Surface …etc.

Can anyone help me morph or map the inner curves into the outter morphed shapes.

Grasshopper Question.gh (8.4 KB)
Grasshopper Question.3dm (511.7 KB)

Like this?

Grasshopper Question_re.gh (27.2 KB)

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Awesome thank you so much. I think I was missing the graft on the target boxes. Maybe I will take this opportunity to ask you if u know how to fit the grid in between those grid squares :smiley:

Well…then, check this as well.

Grasshopper Question_reV2.gh (22.4 KB)

I guess maybe I wasnt clear in explaining this but I was asking for how to fit the drawing in the in between empty grid lines.

I am assuming that I will have to reform the grafted trees to have the 4 corners of the squares joined into a single surface to map those curves into them with bounding box.

As yo can see,when if you array your curves, they don’t fit at all. Try to redraw your boundary curves first.
Then, you can use your pattern array and Surface Morph, or something like this with lunchbox or paneling tool plugin.

Grasshopper Question_reV3.gh (23.1 KB)

I mean something like this…

Grasshopper Question_reV4.gh (27.6 KB)

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Perfect mate ! Thank you so much. I did figure out that the curves are drawn the wrong way and re-did them after I posted the question, but the solution you did fits perfectly what I needed !!!

Thank you again !