Surface Morph Question

Hi, I appreciate any help here… I’m trying to learn Grasshopper and happy to see some progress. I was able to get the desired surface into which I wanted my module pattern (tileable pattern) morph into… but It won’t morph. I tried several method but no good. Is there something wrong with my pattern or what am I missing here? I don’t see any red warning. Attached Rhino 5 file, and my GH. Thanks a lot!

Surface morph (20.6 KB)
Surface morph test.3dm (2.9 MB)

I often useCopy Trim for this kind of work…

Surface morph (757.5 KB)

This is good, Thanks a lot! However, one question though, what should I do if I want to keep the original scale of my pattern and make it repeat (like tiling) along that surface, then just trim all those exceeding the boundary like what you did? Thanks again.

It’s not difficult, but you should first make sure that your pattern tiles are well connected seamlessly when you array them.
It seems the top and bottom are connected well, but the left and right are not.

Surface morph (761.8 KB)

Ah thanks a lot! I will check on that one. Maybe because the pattern I got was from different program (Sketchup). Where did you learn this method? Any advise on how to progress in learning grasshopper? Thanks! :clap: