Terrain Developable Area, Roads, Cut and Fills

can you please sheare your Gmail contact?
I will send you from Wetransfer

Hi Holo,

Lol, sounds familiar :slight_smile:
Thanks for the update. Yes I will send you a mesh and some road centrelines to test.


Hi Arturo,is there a chance you can share the definition with us?

Hi All,

I was simultaniously working on a solution for this problem too when i came accross this conversation. Working for an architectual firm we also face this problem quite often.

I’m relatively new to Rhino/grasshopper so if anyone has improvements or remarks on the GH code, please contribute :)…

My idea is the following:

  • take a 2d road;
  • extrude it (for this example i used all sketchup mesh geometry);
  • offset the 2d road (for the verge of the road);
  • let the extruded geometry intersect with the landscape;
  • divide the intersections in a fixed number of segments to speed up the process and use interpolae to create a new line with it;
  • take 1 side of the road and offset it (to get a flat road);
  • connect the lines of the verges and the road (I did it with loft, but maybe there is a faster way, it is quite slow).

Maybe you guys have an other view on the matter…

Jakob de Vries

I have created a rather complete set of tools to solve the same issue at our company.
It had some more general landscaping tools as well but might be very relevant to the discussion.

We plan to release it as open source tools in the coming months as part of our new relaunch of the company website etc.

It takes a little other approach though as it handles the road as a 3D curve. We work in Norway where it’s quite important to control the height of the resulting road.


Let us now when its ready for test. Personally i want to see the tools and how it works.

Sounds interresting. Any hints on release date? :smiley:

Well, I can hint :wink:

Im finishing an importer for at special type of GIS files used in Norway. That is what is holding me up.
The tools mentioned are actually done. I just need to make documentation for how to use them.
My rough guess would be within first half of December :slight_smile: #fingerscrossed


I wrote an importer - what - 15 years ago? I think @holo might have continued work on that one…

Yeah, but it was too complex for me back then, so I restarted it in Python and have a SOSI curve and point importer working now.

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Haha nice. So the wheel turns :grinning:
Yes SOSI. It’s annoying that there is no good way to convert it to DWG so I’m doing one for my company.
As of now it supports everything except the clothoid primitive. The Fresnel integrals had me in a fix. But now I think I found a solution.

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@Holo you from Norway?

Norway… a large country with the population of a mid size town, highly educated and stubborn people who grew up isolated within the deep fjords, where DAB radio killed off FM AFTER internet radio was the new thing, were we don’t produce TV’s but we had our own flavour on digital tv broadcasting so all the TV producers had to adapt to us and SOSI… the un-international standard for this massive land’s digital survey data… Yup, that’s where I am from! (And stubbornly proud of it too :slight_smile: )

Sounds like you have a good grip on the SOSI importer, I am impressed! I’m located close to Oslo and Wim so if you are too then we should have a Rhinocoffe one day!


Exciting. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it. From Norway as well.

Sorry for the delay. I have come to a bottleneck in my SOSI importer and I can’t get past it before I’ve talked to a road engineer. That’ll probably have to wait until new year.
So a slight change of plans.
I’ll move the terrain tools forward and get them out during holidays now and then get back to the SOSI thing after. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Any news on this Ejnar? :wink:

As a matter of fact yes! :blush:
I’m working on the last documentation these days so it’s coming now!
Had a little delay of sorts as I had a baby in January. All went well which is wonderful! But OMG it’s so time consuming… :grinning::grinning:


Awesome, holy smokes and congratulations Ejnar! :smiley:
Glad to hear its right around the corner, since I’ve been curious about your creation for some while now :slight_smile:

Hi, with three kids myself I know it’s timeconsuming. :smiley:
Did you release it now?

how did you make 3d solid terrain from 2d mesh? when i try to extrude it it applies only on one mesh triangle not a whole mesh