Terrain Developable Area, Roads, Cut and Fills

No data !
To test if it works, just open a new file in Rhinoceros and see if curves, mesh are internalized.
It seems that you work in meter. So I will try with some random points.

Here is a way to make a “flat” road.

The trick is to use offset loose, so the number of control points is not changed, then to fin the higher point of the 2 curves. -1 in list item gives the last index, but you could also put 1 because there are 2 items (0 the first and 1 the second). And then sweep or loft whatever.
I used 4d noide to make a terrain. But you don’t need it.
Little update with closed or not closed curves.
PathsonTopo_Edited_LD.gh (586.9 KB)

Thank you Laurent! Got it! Sorry about the file.
Do you know if the same approach millwork with round-about as well?
It looks like making roads based of centre line is a way to go, but can’t find a way to connect different roads, make clean junctions and round-about.

I did find a way to make clean intersections but only in 2d just now.

Attaching my file again.
1716_SiteTopography_.gh (177.3 KB)

There is always a solution but here just with mesh. As you imagine there will be some problem at the intersection. So I used Clipper offset of poyline the output curve is used to make a road surface on XY plane, then this surface is meshed and for each point of the mesh I seek on the closest point on the middle of the road. Then I seek the higher point at a certain distance of this point. This height is then used as the height of the mesh vertice. Hope it could be usable !

PathsonTopo_Edited_LD.gh (564.6 KB)

You will need

Cheers! I will try it tonight. I still thinking about another way, where I draw all roads without centre lines, project them and straiten.
Will post some experiments tomorrow.

Hi guys, just wanted to show a tool I made for making simple roads on terrains.
It is not sophisticated yet, but it works quite reliably. This is made with python and splits the mesh to generate a sharp road edge.

Now the roadfill is distance based and the plan is to make it angle based.


By the way, this is a script I originally made it for V5 back in 2014 that now runs on V6.

exceptionally cool, Holo

Hi! this is what I did playing around with shortest walk and roads.


Hi Holo,

Thanks for sharing. Looks very clean. Can you share the script?
I am currently still looking for a way to make roads from road boundary and not from the centreline.
It is easer to design road in 2D with correct widths and junctions, but then don’t know how to project them.


Hi Holo, I too would like to use your script, it is hard to find a simple way to do this operation short of Civil 3d or In-Roads.


Hi Roman and Sullivan,
I’ll see if I can spend some time on it during the start of the week, but I need to bugtest a few things first as it uses Rhino’s built in meshsplit for part of the operation. Could you please supply a typical mesh you would use? Together with a road line?

Right now it is a proof of concept that I tune adjust when I need it (no user interface right now) so I’ll have to add some functions for that.

And it doesn’t handle intersections very well either, so it’s just a one curve at a time (though I might be able to adjust that too)

By the way, the initial mesh you saw was a 900.000 poly terrain which took 18.9 seconds to calculate, and I just reduced that to 225.000 and then it took 7.3 seconds to calculate the road:

By the way, here is an example of an intersection, you can see that if the road lines are not on a plane that is paralell to XY in the intersection then the new road will cause some errors (obviously) on the first road.

Hello Holo.
Can you provide your RoadFill Scrip?

Hi Holo,
Your script looks great and works better then my Grasshopper scheme. I have attached where I got so far.
But problems I have are:

  1. Building road from boundary (road outline) not a centreline
  2. Making clean junctions

I have attached my files and an example of roads I want to build.

Thank you,
1716_SiteTopography_01.gh (484.8 KB)

Hi World.
Could any one, please, provide the link for download this road scrip?

best regards

Hi Architex,
Holo is still working on it.

I thought that it could be possible to test even if that script is not done yet.
I hope it will be ready soon. Here at our office we would love to see how it works. We do a lot of terrain modeling and roads attached on it.

Hi guys, yes, I am working on it but me and the kids got hit by the flu so we have been stuck on the sofa watching cartoons… :smiley: I am a bit behind schedule on other stuff right now and won’t have time to work on this for a while (until after easter) and I will keep my version simple for sketching so it will use a centerline. Working with borders is just too complicated for my taste, at least right now.

But as I said, if you want me to test stuff out on your terrain then please send it together with the roadcurves you have (even if they are boundaries) , and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Hi… Can i send to you some terrains?

Yes please!
terrain + roadline + width info

I am having some issues with rhino’s meshsplit (no surprice there…) so I might have to write a new one, but that is difficult stuff and it would slow down the tool quite a bit, but we’ll see how it goes.

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