Tensile skin model with quad panels

I’m making a tensile skin model in which I want all panels to be plain flat/rectangular. How can I do it? I tried using coplanar component but the process doesn’t give fruitful result.


I would suggest to use Rhino 7 WIP QuadRemesh command since Kangaroo won’t remesh your initial mesh to quads and Brep to Mesh won’t generate only quads either.
I ran QuadRemesh with 1 as target EdgeLength on your surfaces and brought it back to RH6 after that. Is that what you are after? The picture shows only the starting mesh before relaxing.



Thanks for the quad remesh advice. Definitely some progress now. As I mentioned, I would like to have all quads as flat/rectangular ones, not quads. I have reached here. Some quads turn out to be flat (highlighted in green), the other ones aren’t flat.


I’m making something like this.

However, the flat panels need to touch each other on the edges, not overlapping at all as seen in the photograph.

I tried to do planarization of the output mesh like this (the portion of the script below the green doodle). As soon as I enable the interior edge component, Grasshopper becomes unresponsive.

Another thing I want to ask, is there a way to tackle this mismatch of vertices alignment between quads at the junction?

You have two meshes there. Join both surfaces to a open brep before using quadremesh.

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Cool! Done! Very neat output! Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

How to go about making all the mesh faces flat coplanar rectangles/squares?

I also tried using planarize component of Kangaroo to make my panel flat. The mesh explodes like crazy.


You generally need some other goals along with the planarization to keep the mesh from distorting too much. I’ve made many posts with examples of this, such as this one: About PQ Mesh, conjugate curvature network
Also be aware, not all quad meshes can be completely planarized.
Making flat panels that overlap, like in the image you link, is much easier.


Thanks for sharing.

Also, can you please share the script you’ve used in this video of yours?

I am in pursuit of the same process of rectangular planarization of curved shell and tensile surfaces

i believe this is it. You might need to path the old kangaroo dll or rebuild with 2.0

Planar_quads.gh (63.4 KB)

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I just input my mesh in it. Got a wide crack/gap at the junction while planarizing. Although with all the support of everyone here, I’ve come a long way in just one day, starting from zero!

Planar_quads_TUBE TENSILE.gh (254.8 KB)

@DanielPiker , in an era when quad remesh feature wasn’t available in Rhino, how did you model such neat double curved forms consisting of quad geometry? Did you use some other software for building the original form?

There’s a similar example file for the current version here:

It gives the same result.