Annual Wind Analysis issue

Hello folks,

I am writing to ask about the following issue regarding the annual wind analysis template on Eddy (main version). I hope you would be able to provide some assistances.

I did not do anything with the template except updated the epw for my region, but as I ran your template on annual wind analysis, the Wind Factor function failed, yielding two issues: 1. Solution exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 2. Data conversion failed from Number to Vector. Therefore I cannot generate the analysis. Did other users also encountered these issues? Would you know the possible fixes for them?

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same issue on my end

I had no problem running the Template script…

I however downloaded the EPW to local drive and plugged in directly. Rest is just out of box.


are there any other solutions? - i am having the same issue

I had the same issue and then solved it. I had done few mistakes.

1 - when change the epw file with one stored locally you need to bypass the C# script and link it directly to ABL component EPW input

2 - do step 6.CLEAN first then run all the button in the right orders

3 - change the field input of the component Visualize Probes to the desired analysis