Tekla custom component properties not showing

Hi All

Can any one shy me light here.

I have created custom component but parameters doesn’t look like available in “Decunstruct component”

To get it to show i have to change value in grasshopper. But it not working correct as i have to update it inside grasshopper to take effect in tekla

Can any one relate ?



Hi Darozas,

You seem to have at least P15 and P3 showing up in the “Deconstruct Component” output. To get the rest of the parameter names and values to show up you need insert a custom component manually into Tekla, update/modify the parameter values to something else than default and then reference this custom component into the “Deconstruct Component” component.

Note that even if the parameters don’t show up with the “Deconstruct Component” you can still set the values using the “Attributes” input of the “Component” component, for this you only need to know the parameter names as you have specified them when creating the custom component.



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Hi Thanks for your time .

I know that i can access parameters with known names. This how P13 & P3 got to show.

Problem i have is that grasshopper do not recognize parameters at start and i have to trigger it couple time to take changes.

Ho can i resolve this ?



Hi, so you are saying that when you connect the attribute input from that “Construct UDA” component to the “Component” component the attribute values don’t get applied immediately? And you need to trigger the “Component” component again for them to take effect in the model or show up in the “Deconstruct Component”?

I tried your setup with a simple cc, and for me the values come through (and are applied in the Model) immediately the first time the “Component” component runs:

But I might not understand the issue completely, perhaps you could provide a short recording of what you’re experiencing in that case? Or share the script and custom component if you’re ok with doing that.