Grasshopper/Tekla: How to update "Construct UDA" fluently?

Hi there!

I have a problem with setting User Defined Attributes (UDA) to Tekla: When I connect a “Construct UDA” to a “Part Attributes” for the first time, every UDA is imported correctly. However, when I adjust or change the UDA data, the new value is not imported and the old value stays or dissappears.

It would be very helpful, if someone knows how to adjust UDA data fluently!

_How the Grasshopper-model works

As one can see some values are not filled in after adjusting them in the Grasshopper-model

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Jef Verstegen


Are you using latest version of the link?
I know that previous versions had some problems with attributes, though that was related more from reading attributes from Tekla.

I myself had problem with incorrect attributes being assigned to custom components, but that has been fixed since.

You should communicate this with the developer of the Tekla link - Sebastian Lindholm, most suitable is through Tekla Extensions forum, or maybe his company email.

One of the latest Tekla Link versions also include “Recompute Tekla Components”, maybe that forces it to input the new attributes.

Hi Jef,

Connecting multiple components to the UDA input gives you a list of UDAs that will be applied sequentially to the columns you’re generating (as indicated by the thick wire coming out of the Attributes component). If you want all the attributes to apply to all columns, you can put the output of all the UDA components through a Concatenate component before connecting to the Attributes UDA input.

Alternatively use a single UDA component that you connect a list of attribute names and a list of values to.

We’re not monitoring these forums so as Janis says, a better place to put Tekla-related questions on would be the Tekla Extension forum ( where I or someone else might pick it up quicker.




Thank you very much! This helps a lot!