Technical Problem

I installed Rhino evaluation and entered the license key sent via email but when i run the program this message appears" rhino requires licence to run. rhino now will exit" what shall I do?

I see your license in your Personal Cloud Zoo licenses.
Start Rhino and click the Login button.
Provide your Rhino account credentials.
Rhino should see your license and start up.

If you have an Internet connection when Rhino runs, it will refresh the 2-week off-line “lease” every couple days. You can check that in Options > Licenses

If you run Rhino with no Internet for a couple weeks, as you get close to the end of the lease, Rhino will begin warning you and become more insistent before it stops.

Once every three months or so you will be asked to refresh your Rhino Account login to continue getting access to refreshing your license lease.