Technical Line Type Settings

Hi hope someone maybe able to help me with a line weight issue,
I am displaying a 3D model in a view port in paper space in the Pen display mode as I want a detailed line view.
The issue I am having is under View>Dispaly Modes>objects>Lines
it seems I cant display the edge line width under 1 !!! which is blurring alot of the detail together I was looking to display them in a 0.18 line width so can depict the detail more.

Is there a way to go to 0., 0.5, etc… line widths or is it not possible?

Display mode widths are measured in pixels, not mm and pixels can’t be fractional. 1 pixel is the minimum… 0 will shut off the display completely.

Thank you for your reply, so how would I display the correct line widths when printing a layout!
It seems each layer you can assign a print line width of 0.18 and I would think its normal practice to use the paper space and view ports to layout and then print!

The difference is that Technical display is a raster display mode, it is not vector drawing like curves/lines that one can assign a paper print width to. There have been numerous requests to be able to extract vector drawings from Technical, but as yet it hasn’t happened.

Ok thank you for explaining this