Mesh refinement on a cylinder


I have a cylinder and I would like to refine the mesh of the cylinder towards both ends. Is there a way to do this?


@b.cavanagh, Rhino or Grasshopper?

Hi @b.cavanagh
That’s not a lot of info to go on. Is your cylinder already a mesh object? What version of Rhino are you running? Why do you need to refine it?
IF you are running V7 and the cylinder is already a mesh object you can use InsertEdge to add detail where you need it.
HTH, Jakob

Rhino, I have never used Grasshopper. If there are options in the basic Rhino interface, this would be ideal, but if grasshopper is the only way to do it then I may need to learn.

It is already meshed - I have a cylinder of 5m, I have meshed with aspect ratio of about 1 with a quad mesh and edge length 0.4m. I had imagined that there might be a way to refine the mesh so that it gradually reduced to a mesh edge length of say 0.2m at the edges.
I am running Rhino 6.
I am running a hydrodynamic analysis and need refinement of the mesh at the edges for more precise calculation of mean wave drift forces.

Hello - I do not see any way to do this without a script, or possibly GH.