Shell Variable Cross Section Mapping Issue

Hello All,

My Shell Variable cross section is not mapping to the expected/intended faces help!

I am new Karamba and I am trying to create a variable thickness shell where the thickness is dependent on an external “force” applied to the vertices of the mesh which moves them normal to the mesh. Example:

I would expect the cross section viewer to show the range of cross sections brought on from the distance moved values but when I run this through the Karamba Shell Variable Cross section it looks like this when the data is grafted:

And like this when it is not where the purple is the thickest cross section apparently:

I am not sure what the issue is so a point in the right direction would be super helpful!


Simplified Mesh + Example Force.3dm (1.2 MB)
Thicknesses for (92.9 KB)

Hi @forsythe,

you can use the Variable cros section to define the thicknesses for each face of your mesh (it follows the longest list principle in Grasshopper). However be careful when displaying the output information into a panel as the output takes quite long to process. It also seems the the order of your faces in the mesh are organised quite strangely. (21.3 KB)

Thank you for your help so far. I think that the root of my issue is in this strange organization of mesh faces.

The variable thickness shell function translates the heights of the moved vertices to random places around the mesh because of this strange organization of faces which is why it gets the “speckled” outcome seen here and here:

Is there any solution to this problem for making an well organized mesh/ translation into Karamba?


Hi unfortunately, this relates to the actual mesh generation so I am not sure how is mesh was created. There might be tools in Kangaroo or Pufferfish to somehow rebuild the mesh. I have not so much experience with meshing in this case. Sorry

Thanks Matt for the help,

If i find out a solution to the mesh issue I will put it in this thread.