Tangent line between a point and a curve

How to find a tangent line between a point (not on a curve) and a curve at the same cplane as it is implemented in Rhino through the Line command with option Tangent > Point? Maybe there is a python solution, can’t find the corresponding method from the line structure of Rhino API.

I have various things that do that but are all done via C# (and you can’t “auto” translate them to P). They work in 2 steps: the first gets an approximation (or many) and the second recursively “refines” the search [kinda a classic bounce solver, that is] until some sort of solution (or many - see image below) within doc tol/atol is/are achieved.

Anyway notify if you want a similar [entry level] take on that matter.

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Hi @PeterFotiadis! Do you use GetLocalTangentPoint for that?

Hi @maje90! Can’t open the .exe package on my mac. Wonder what is TanPts component, is it custom?

No idea why is the .exe appearing… just remove it
2022-04-13 18_50_10-Download

then drag and drop the file over your canvas. It appear then on a new “user” tab.

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No. If you can read C# see the usage of a Class in order to feed the bounce (recursive) solver with sorted items (then you can Take as many candidates you want provited that their D value is less some user defined value):

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