Tan on single curve


Hi all,
it would be possible to find a line of tangency of two different points on the same single curve?
ps (using python or rhinocommon)

Using the search function I found this topic:

@anon39580149 shared a script in this post

I won’t be able to turn my Grasshopper definition below into a python script but I still thought it might be helpful…

22_02_01_tangent_tangent.gh (12.3 KB)


You can also use this

curve_tangent.gh (10.5 KB)

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thanks, @martinsiegrist and @anon39580149 for solutions,

then in a closed curve as in the photo:

it must be cut at the points indicated,
to find the relevant segments, right?

My definition above can handle closed curves:

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ok @martinsiegrist right, it also works with closed curves


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sorry for the question, but I miss a functioning, in the case,
of an asymmetrical curve to find the solution,
you need to adjust one of the sliders

why does this happen?
it does not work on the entire range of parameter 0-1, do you have to indicate the closest value?

I was wondering, how does the method work: “Geometry.Line.TryCreateBetweenCurves”?

At least post a file

curve tangent.gh (8.7 KB)